Our Story

Welcome to Bradley Kellie! We’re glad you joined us. Again, welcome.


We're based in the Texas Hill Country, in Boerne, Texas. Our town was founded in 1849 by German pioneers who wanted to start a new life, in the relatively new state of Texas.

These industrious and gritty adventurers did what it took to be able to live their lives as unfettered Christians.

We believe their resolute and bold approach reflects the spirit of our modern day, family run business.



Bradley Kellie was started with a Christ-centered view toward promoting healthy identities and celebrating life.

While there are a lot of jewelry companies out there, we didn’t see one that was doing what we wanted done and how we wanted it done. We didn’t find a company that was willing to take risks in being not only fashion forward but faith forward as well.

That’s our genesis, that’s why we’re here, that’s why this husband-and-wife team created Bradley Kellie.



 Our designs reflect things we hold dear, things that we believe you too will love. We believe that people not only wear jewelry to look good, but to make a statement. Let’s make the right one, together.

Our jewelry aims to lift you, your family and friends up, by reminding you and them of what you stand for, where you came from, and where you are going. 




All of our designs are created in-house and all of our pieces are made in the United States. Each one is hand cast in small batches utilizing the Lost-Wax Method. We hand sketch and refine our designs on paper and then create an original model.

Our production process is unautomated, non-industrial, it is neither large-scale nor machine based; every piece is hand-finished and has its own character.



When you place an order, we’ll spring into action; we will personally fulfill your order and work hard to make you happy to wear Bradley Kellie.