Care Instructions

Please follow these Care Instructions to best maintain your pendant and chain:

  • If you have purchased an Antiqued Silver piece, do not use silver dips or creams to clean it. This will remove the intentional oxidation in the low areas that gives it its contrasted and antiqued look.
  • Do not apply aftershave/cologne or spray on perfume or other sprays while wearing your jewelry. Put on your jewelry after application to avoid any potential interactions that could damage your jewelry.
  • Wait until all lotions or creams are dry or have been absorbed into your skin before you wear your jewelry.
  • Substances like salt, chlorine, oil, nail polish remover, and the like, may react with your jewelry and cause it to tarnish easily. It's best to remove your jewelry prior to bedtime, working out/getting sweaty, getting in the ocean, bathing or swimming.
  • If your piece is looking dull or in need of cleaning, you may use a damp or dry soft cloth to gently rub it clean. Avoid using any jewelry cleaning products, harsh abrasives or doing any heavy polishing. 
  • To best protect your jewelry, after wearing or cleaning it, store it in your provided Bradley Kellie jewelry pouch in a cool and dry place, separate from other jewelry.