- "Christ shared parables to relate to others.  Sharing your testimony can be the conversation that changes a life and a generation for years to come."- Kellie

Sharing your testimony is a powerful way to connect with others on a deeply personal level while also offering inspiration and hope. It allows you to reflect on your Christian life journey, highlighting the challenges you've faced and the lessons you've learned along the way. By opening up about your experiences, you not only provide emotional support to those who may be going through similar struggles but also demonstrate the strength of vulnerability.


Sharing your testimony can break down walls of isolation, foster empathy, and encourage dialogue about important issues. It reminds us that our stories matter and that we are not alone in our human experiences. 


Ultimately, the act of sharing one's testimony can be a beacon of light in someone else's darkness, offering the chance for healing, growth, and unity in our shared human experience.

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This is the story of Anne.

For most of my life, I believed that being a follower of Christ meant being perfect. And I tried really hard. I served, I gave, I practiced self-control and following all the ways that I believed would make God feel happy with me. 

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This is the story of Carol.

Most people would say that is not rational but crazy! Who leaves a job without finding one first! The job was starting to affect my physical health more. I decided to leave and have faith that God would work everything out.

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This is the story of Emily

​Born prematurely at 26 weeks, my development early in life was complicated and delayed. The doctors initially told my parents I had preemie syndrome, but I would eventually catch up and lead a normal life. However, at age 15 months, my parents received the 

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This is the story of K.B.

My body felt exhausted and I was just feeling miserable due to the immense pain that was running throughout my body. This was all brought about due to an external stress factor that began to affect me physically. I had gone to a few doctors, all of them came up with  

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"There are many that have a false impression that Chrisitans don't struggle and face hardships."- Kellie

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