Bradley Kellie's Story

Bradley Kellie is a Texas-based, faith-forward store. It was created by its namesake, a husband-and-wife team, Bradley & Kellie. Our desire is to help people realize that they can be mountain movers, that they can face any and all of life's challenges successfully because Jesus Christ overcame the world.


We were led to design Christian Jewelry and Accessories with a Mission- Field Purpose, to Share HIS Story to the world.  Together, with our customers, they encourage one another to share the Parables and Stories that were provided for all of us in scripture.


When you choose your Bradley Kellie design to wear and make it a part of your life's story, Kellie and Bradley believe you'll not only be expressing your faith but inspiring others to live a life of faith as well.

"Christ told parables, we are created to tell stories.  Our jewelry helps you Share HIS story to the world." 

Bradley Kellie was started with a Christ-centered view toward promoting healthy identities and celebrating life.


While there were a lot of Christian jewelry companies out there, we didn't see one that was doing what we wanted done and how we wanted it done.  We didn't find a company that was willing to take risk in bringing not only fashion forward but purposeful as well.


That's our genesis, that's why we're here, that's why this husband-and-wife team created Bradley Kellie.

"The reward of sharing your faith is both emotional and eternal.  We were called to share our faith."

Christian Family Owned & Operated.

Our Mission is United in Christ- with you!

The Journey of Faith Jewelry

Many struggle with sharing their faith.  In the last few years, many Christians state that they have lost their voice and confidence in sharing the message of Christ.


Our Mission is to help others around the world to feel more confident in sharing their faith to the world.  We are created to connect with others, to  relate in a way that brings life and hope to the world.


The world is hungry to hear about Christ.  

Welcome to the Bradley Kellie Family.  Please visit our pages that help guide you in telling your story, and in Nominating a Faith Hero in your life.  


Be Brave.  Be Bold.  Share HIS Story to the World and Tell Yours!


Many Blessings,

The Bradley Kellie Family

With prayerful direction, every piece is designed in-house by either Kellie or Bradley. From an original sketch to small-batch lost-wax hand casting to finishing, the entire process is nonindustrial and personal.  Christian Jewelry reimagined.


Every USA made piece is unique, has its own character and tells its own life affirming story.


Jesus used parables to relate to others.  Our mission is to empower others to share their story and tell HIS.


Be Brave.  Be Bold.  Share your story & tell HIS to the world.

Meet Bradley & Kellie