Brian's Path: From Soldier to Commander in God's Army

Brian's Path: From Soldier to Commander in God's Army

Posted by Kellie on Apr 15th 2024

Brian shares his journey from soldier to Commander for God's Army. How he found His purpose.

Brian Gibson shares his story of being a soldier in action, finding himself depressed, lost, and without desire and purpose. He reveals how God, with a sense of humor, orchestrated it all, beginning in a Pink Building. Transitioning from a soldier to a Commander in God's Army, Brian discovered a purpose in alignment with our Creator.

CLICK HERE to listen to his testimony on You Tube.

MISSION STATEMENT: Bring hope through the power of the Holy Spirit with his 501 C3 Project Die-Hard. Listen in and learn more with the links below.


Bradley Kellie's Mission is to help others share their testimony and to share the story of Christ with the world. Be Bold. Be Brave. Share His Story.

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