Meet Jayare Mando A Life Changing Testimony

Meet Jayare Mando A Life Changing Testimony

Posted by Kellie on Apr 15th 2024

Meet Jayare Mando: From Happiness to Heartache, a Journey Towards a Life of Purpose and Passion

A note from Kellie: "I will never forget Jayare's Testimony.  His story is very moving and I will be able to share it with those that are interested in how music can impact the mind for Bad or to Live a Life More Abundantly.

Meet Jayare:

"I had the fear of God I also was a straight A student with dreams of one day being an architect. Eventually at the age of 12 I started getting bullied at school. Fast forwarding to middle school I grew tired and started fighting back, at the age of 13 I got into gangs to find “protection” from people who wanted to hurt me. I did good lying, what I mean by that is at home I was still a good kid and school I was the gang member people eventually started knowing me as..

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