Jesus Saves Cross Christian Pendant in Gold Overlay

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Meaning of the Jesus Saves Christian Jewelry
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Signs are a reminder of God’s unconditional love.

In-house Design, Hand Poured & USA Made.

Complimentary Chain & Free Shipping & Tracking on Orders $80+.

Jewelry Pouch & Story Card.

When you make a purchase from Bradley Kellie, you become part of a family that helps to fund the spreading of the Good News of Jesus, rescues and provides for the needs of child trafficking victims & more. 

Jesus Saves Christian Pendant- Signs are a reminder of God’s unconditional love.

The words on the signs are a reminder of God’s unconditional love. It reminds us of the fact that Jesus came down to Earth and died for our sins so that we could be saved through Him. It’s an age-old message that is just as relevant and needed now as it was 2000 years ago. A present tense message that reminds us that Jesus still saves. He never stopped, and He never will. He saved us on the cross but today, He also saves us from a life of emptiness and loneliness. He saves us from a life without purpose. He saves us from a life without hope. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, we are saved from all of these things. We are given a new life – a life that is full of meaning, purpose, and hope. We are given a life that is worth living.

This exclusive Bradley Kellie pendant design was created in-house. The pendant is small batch hand cast (utilizing the lost-wax method) and hand finished. Due to our non-industrial manufacturing process, your piece may contain slight and unique variations from the image shown. 

A complimentary cable chain (available in 16, 18, 20, 22 or 24 inches), with lobster clasp closure, is included in matching gold and attached to the pendant with a pinched gold filled jump ring.

Material: 14K Gold Overlay on Bronze

Size: Approximately 1 1/3 inches long x 3/4 inch wide

Made In USA Bradley Kellie Faith-Based Christian Jewelry

Bradley Kellie Storytelling Christian Jewelry is designed to help you share your story, and tell HIS.

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