Puerto Rico Coin Pendant, Frog & Tree, in Gold

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Puerto Rico Coin Pendant Frog Tree Gold FRONT

The Puerto Rico Coin Pendant, Frog & Tree is one of our earliest designs, made to celebrate Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico) heritage. It is the smaller sized of our two Puerto Rico Coin Pendants. The pendant is double-sided and purposely crafted with high detail.

One side states Isla Del Encanto (Island of Enchantment) and PUERTO RICO. The Coqui Frog (a National Symbol named for its strong call, "co-kee") is at left. There is a Puerto Rican expression that says “Soy de aquí, como el coquí”. At right, there is a Kapok Tree (the Offical Tree of Puerto Rico, towering and with large trunks, also know as the ceiba or silk-cotton tree). The other side shows the resurected Jesus Christ as Lord over all, Lord over the United States of America (Flag) and Puerto Rico (Flag), and can be worn close to the heart.

This exclusive Bradley Kellie pendant design was created in-house. The pendants are small batch hand cast (utilizing the lost-wax method) and hand finished. Due to our non-industrial manufacturing process, your piece may contain slight and unique variations from the image shown. 

A complimentary cable chain (available in 16, 18, 20, 22 or 24 inches), with lobster clasp closure, is included in matching gold and attached to the pendant with a pinched solid gold jump ring.

Material: 24K Gold Plated Over Bronze

Size: Approximatelyx 7/8 inches round

Made In USA Bradley Kellie Faith-Based Christian Jewelry